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Visit my Facebook Page Alfred Orero
ALFRED ORERO is a Kenyan author of exciting contemporary romance and witty poetry. He's a lastborn son, statistician, poet and a sports enthusiast. He does his best writing in planes, in his house on slow weekends and in faraway destinations that he likes to keep secret. Alfred loves to play intimate storyteller, taking his readers to places where a lot that is unthinkable here on earth is possible. His poems derive their power and influence from the freedom he gives words when he writes them. Alfred gives new angles to stories and unleashes creativity in the reader too, as he challenges them to understand why the multiverse might be a thing after all. He lives in Nairobi, Kenya, where when he is not writing, h ... read more
Latest book: By Fate and Blood
Visit my Facebook Page Matt Sylvester
Matt Sylvester is a writer and Executive Producer for Blue Ibis Films—an independent film and television production company located in Sterling, VA that was founded in 2009. Matt has written and directed over 30 films, including ASHCAN COPIES, a feature length suspense about a catatonic, a murderer, and a nymphomaniac; and UNDERGROUND CIVILIZATION, a documentary spotlighting the Washington, DC death metal music scene in the 1990’s. Together with his brother, Matt has also produced three reality show television pilots that he pitched to the highest echelon of Hollywood executives between 2011 and 2015. Matt grew up on military bases around the globe before moving to Virginia in 1989, where he began playing ... read more
Latest book: Cydonia 6
Visit my Facebook Page Keith Somerville
I am the founding and Senior Pastor of One life UMC in Missouri City, Texas, a graduate of Morehouse College and the Interdenominational Theological Center (Gammon Seminary) with a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Care and Counseling and served as a Chaplain of Clinical Pastoral Education at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital and Texas Children’s Hospital (Houston Medical Center). Before called to start One Life Church, I have served full-time as the Senior Pastor of Calvary-Houston UMC, Asst. Pastor St. Johns Downtown UMC (Houston Texas), and as an Associate Minister of Ray of Hope Christian Church (Decatur GA). I have also served as the President of the Trinity Gardens Civic Group, Co-Founder of One Voice Inc. ... read more
Latest book: Today I Will Challenge
Visit my Facebook Page Tucker McCallahan
A Cancer born in early July, Tucker (they/them) is a tri-state river rat, born and raised where Ohio, West Virginia, & Pennsylvania meet. In addition to fostering an early love for cemetery tailgate parties, trooper tag, muscle cars, indie rock, & Lion's Den adult stores, Tucker also discovered an equal love of boys & girls at an age that would make most people blush. Determined to bust out of the rolling hills of Appalachia, Tucker devoured every book available, developing an intense addiction to outlaw and genre fiction. After a brief, failed stint as a gonzo journalist, Tucker invented “Gonzo Smut” and has been happily penning mixed-genre erotic romance ever since. Tucker travels extensively and has a r ... read more
Latest book: The Boys Of Summer
Visit my Facebook Page Rebecca Benston
My name is Rebecca Benston. I'm a Christian. I'm a woman. I'm a mother. I'm a writer. I'm a thinker. When I write fiction, I am usually writing a mystery series called The Rona Shively Stories. My P.I. character, Rona Shively is feisty, fearless and fabulous and is usually caught up in something she doesn't want to be caught up in. In addition to this series, I also have a blog called Higher Ground for Life. Through this blog, I'm hoping to reach women or anyone who is seeking to develop a relationship with God and give them inspiration to get out there and follow His path for their lives! I also have a blog called Leading the Follower. This one is my favorite. I write about religion, faith, spirituality and al ... read more
Latest book: In the Wash: The Rona Shively Stories
Visit my Facebook Page Graham Hughes
Graham David Hughes is a British adventurer, filmmaker, television presenter and Guinness World Record holder. Hughes was the first person to visit all 193 United Nations member states and several other territories across the world without flying. He did so over a period of nearly four years and completed the task in November 2012. While on his journey he presented the television program Graham’s World on the National Geographic Adventure channel, a weekly look into his ongoing quest to break multiple world records by visiting every country on earth without flying.
Latest book: Man of the World: Book 1 of The Odyssey Expedition
Visit my Facebook Page Roy
I have a fallacy. The fallacy of chasing complexity. Simplicity is simply boring to me. I was born in Kolkata India, but now live in Mumbai. From the age of ten years, I was fascinated with the literary and performing arts. Wrote countless lyrics, essays, short stories, but never published, until One Tick Madness (OTM). ​ I am a mother's boy. She is my best friend, close confidante and my prayer. I will soon embark on my future writing projects - The Factory (Novella), The Magnets. ​ Other Writing Projects: The Merciless (Screenplay published on Amazon Studios) & sequel to the popular movie Inception (which will never see the light of the day for obvious reasons).
Latest book: One Tick Madness: A painter's journey, from reality to singuclarity
Visit my Facebook Page CK PROTHRO
C. K. Prothro is the author of the Dark Solar System Series, an anthology of the future. He has been writing Sci-fi/Thrillers and Horror stories as a hobby since the 1970’s. C. K. Prothro has a considerable body of unpublished work that he plans on turning into the Dark Solar System Series. He is also currently an Associate Professor of Geology at Onondaga Community College, in Syracuse, New York. He teaches courses in Physical and Environmental Geology, Oceanography, Physical and Planetary Sciences, and Environmental Technology. “I have over the decades created a huge body of science fiction dealing with realistic future human societies. If you have to put my work into a genre, they would be called Sci-fi ... read more
Latest book: The Devil in the Dark
Visit my Facebook Page K R Hall
About the Author KR Hall Karen is a New Englander by birth. She grew up along both the east coast and west coast as her father was in the military. After her 8 years in the military, she moved to Colorado in the early 1990s. Karen married her husband Tom in the early 2000s. She lives with her husband, son, mom, and two chihuahua mix fur babies. Karen had never planned to be a writer, but after many years of reading romances, she decided to get her ideas down in writing. She writes what she loves to read, paranormal romance. Her biggest hope is that readers will enjoy her books. Getting to know K R Hall 1. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be several different things. A teacher, ... read more
Latest book: Black Bears of Independence: Cade
Visit my Facebook Page RM Thomas
RM Thomas is a longtime author and poet. When she was in high school her friends used to ask her to write naughty stories. Now, she is happy to write them accompanied by her coffee, her cats, and her dog. Her favorite authors include Ernest Hemingway and Maya Angelou.
Latest book: Slippery Wife
Visit my Facebook Page Kiru Taye
As a lover of romance novels, Kiru wanted to read stories about Africans falling in love. When she couldn’t find those books, she decided to write the stories she wanted to read. Kiru writes passionate romance and sensual erotica stories featuring African characters whether on the continent or in the Diaspora. When she's not writing you can find her either immersed in a good book or catching up with friends and family. She currently lives in the South of England with her husband and three children. Kiru is a founding member of Romance Writers of West Africa. In 2011, her debut romance novella, His Treasure, won the Book of the Year at the Love Romances Café Awards. She is the 2015 Romance Writer of the Ye ... read more
Latest book: Bound To Liberty
Visit my Facebook Page Kai Tyler
Kai writes queer fiction and gay romance about dangerous, forbidden men and relentless love, about gangsters with heart, antiheroes who do what they need to do to survive in a crazy world. These men commit to the lives they lead 100%—with heart, body and soul and when they fall in love you can be sure they bring the same level of passionate devotion to the people they love.
Latest book: Bound To Liberty
Visit my Facebook Page Hap Gill
Dr Hap Gill is the founder & director of Smile Studio™ and The Gill Clinic. He is passionate about being at the forefront of modern dentistry & is recognised internationally for his skills in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, now teaching these principles to both UK and USA dentists. He is in much demand in the media & some of his work has been immortalised on TV, check out our media page for a summary of his appearances. He counts a number of celebrities, dentists & their families as his clients, some of which travel from all over the world to see him. He has been an approved Invisalign practitioner since 2004, and now exclusively provides this system as his preferred option for teeth straightening. Thi ... read more
Latest book: Healthy Habits for Healthy Teeth
Visit my Facebook Page Mike Grill
Regional Program Director for Centura Health’s South Denver EMS Team in the South Denver Metro area. He has been active in Fire/EMS since 1985 and has authored numerous articles for EMS and Fire trade journals and co-authored two textbooks: Fire Service First Responder and First Responder Resiliency. In 2012 he was honored by the Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado as the EMS Executive of the Year. Mike has spoken at over 200 fire/EMS both in the United States and Canada.
Latest book: First Response Resiliency
Visit my Facebook Page Phil Callahan
Philip Callahan, Ph.D., EMTP is currently an Emeritus Professor at the University of Arizona. He has served on government and community committees focusing on the research, development and evaluation of resilience-oriented education addressing first responders and combat veterans and in leadership and academic positions at he University of Arizona to include Arizona Health Sciences Center, Assoc Professor Ed Psychology, Assoc Professor Veterans Education and as a firefighter and paramedic in southern Arizona. He was a 2013 JEMS 10 recipient.
Latest book: First Response Resiliency
Visit my Facebook Page Selina D. Kim
Dasol Kim is a junior at Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose, California. Having a strong interest in neuroscience and computer science, she accordingly hopes to have a future in those fields. She is a research assistant for the Stanford Neuro development, Affect, and Psychopathology Lab at Stanford and also a Coursera mentor for Stanford's machine learning MOOC. A passionate social justice advocate, she works against human trafficking in the Mitty Advocacy Project and Freedom House; she also volunteers at the Academy of Music and Arts for Special Education (AMASE), where she teaches art and music to students with special needs.
Latest book: Meet your brain
Visit my Facebook Page Mindy Mather
My name is Mindy Mather. I love writing, it is my passion. I especially love writing fictional romance books. I'm not really sure what else to say here, but if you want to know more you can contact me on social media.
Latest book: A Tragic Miracle
Visit my Facebook Page Rickey Butch Walker
Rickey Butch Walker is a native son of the Warrior Mountains descending from Cherokee, Creek, and Celtic (Scots Irish) people; he is a member of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama. He attended the University of Northern Alabama. While at UNA, Walker worked part time as a biological aide with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)-Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife. On June 2, 1972, he graduated from UNA; four days later, he was drafted into the United States Army. Since he was enrolled in a Masters Degree program on a stipend from TVA in the Tennessee Cooperative Fisheries Unit at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee, he joined the Tennessee Army National Guard on August 12, 1972. He was a ... read more
Latest book: Soldier’s Wife - Cotton Fields to Berlin and Tripoli
Visit my Facebook Page R.L. Jackson
R.L Jackson is an avid reader and writer, hailing from the Sunny state of Florida. She is also an independent filmmaker, magazine editor and screenwriter. She enjoys binge-watching Netflix, uses her treadmill as an over-sized coat hanger, and hopes to entertain you with awesome emotionally charged books for years to come! Keep In Touch! Web: Facebook: Twitter: @bingeReadRLnow
Latest book: Crashing No More
Visit my Facebook Page Lisa Hawkins
Lisa Hawkins wants to inspire, motivate, and empower every woman to make the choice for personal growth and Christian living power. Lisa Hawkins is a Syracuse University graduate that shattered several glass ceilings as a single mom, the first woman and woman of color in many senior roles in consumer products for top international corporations such as PepsiCo, Clorox, Colgate Palmolive, The Coca-Cola Company and Sara Lee. Her last role was as Executive Group Vice President, managing thousands of employees and executives. in sales and manufacturing. Over the last fifteen years, she has been hungry for a deeper understanding of her relationship with God and faith. She spent years understanding her own personal he ... read more
Latest book: Christian Warrior Women: A guide to Taking Back Your Faith, Family & Future
Visit my Facebook Page Mil Brač
Mil Brač is a Romanian writer (born in 1979) and a professional Army officer in real life, with a huge passion for both scifi and history. Also for everything military (hence his day job) – and that shows in his stories and novels, almost always having two things in common: the military tag and... Russians. He was first published in 2015 with a short fantasy story and, since then, with 2 books (a collection of multigenre dark SFFH short-stories, ”Hoțul de Moarte/The Death Thief”, and a steampunk novella, ”Luizienii/The Louisians”), in 3 anthologies (2 scifi and a fantasy one, including the Romanian ”Best SF&F of 2017”) and with 25 stories (mostly scifi, but also horror and fantasy) in all the Ro ... read more
Latest book: Red Dead Ten
Visit my Facebook Page Jaxon Lee Rose
Jaxon Lee Rose (born August 25, 1991) is an American speculative fiction writer. She’s currently working on Repentance, the first book in The Galean Universe Series. It follows newly appointed PCI agent Valentine Peters as she tries to overcome the turbulent troubles of her past while balancing the unstable pretense of her present. She’s also started The Lockwood Stories, a mini-series from the Galean Universe that follows Cosima Lockwood, a salacious young woman with a penchant for trouble and a mysterious and enabling boyfriend. The Lockwood Stories are being self-published while Jaxon works on securing an agent for Repentance, a full length novel. Books 2 and 3 are in the works. In 2013 she moved to M ... read more
Latest book: Bowbi's Beginning
Visit my Facebook Page Wade Vermeersch
Wade Vermeersch is the author of Escape to Erie's End. Co-authored by his friend and former work associate Pamela Muntean. Wade is a pop culture pundit and enjoys creating new worlds and characters for others to enjoy.
Latest book: Escape to Erie's End
Visit my Facebook Page Tadeu Rezende
Tadeu Rezende, nascido em ’97, é um carioca que – graças aos nômades modernos que são seus pais – morou em incontáveis cidades diferentes até acabar aluno de Letras Inglês na UFPB.
Latest book: Dois em Um
Visit my Facebook Page Amoja Three Rivers
Amoja Three Rivers (1946-2015) described herself as "an american-born African, Choctaw, Tsalagi, Ojibway Jew." For decades she was a tireless activist, theorist, and teacher who lived and advocated for intersectionality in anti-oppression action and thinking long before it was fashionable. Three Rivers was one of the founders of the Womyn of Colour Tent and Sanctuary at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, an international feminist music festival held every August for four decades. In 1990, she published "Cultural Etiquette: A Guide for the Well-Intentioned" through Market Wimmin, a womanist business she co-founded. The book was revised in 1991. Over the years, she continued to self-publish and sell the book ... read more
Latest book: Cultural Etiquette: A Guide for the Well-Intentioned
Visit my Facebook Page Alexandros Vasilas
Born and raised in Greece. Completed Bachelor and Masters degrees in Engineering in the UK. Broke into book writing through the love for 'the most important secondary thing in the world: Football'!
Latest book: Οι Ξένοι της Μίας Χρονιάς Απίθανες Ποδοσφαιρικές Ιστορίες
Visit my Facebook Page Cooper West
Busting out of the fanfiction scene in 2012 with the publication of her first original full-length book, Dawn in the Orchard, Cooper West has been writing stories that capture the heart and imagination. She is now known for her bestselling book The Protector, set in her unique Guardsman’verse of weredogs and bonded pairs, and plans to continue to release more books in that series. She’s still a fangirl at heart, with an ever-lasting crush on Chris Evans and an ever-rotating list of OTPs. Bisexual and raised in a queer household, Cooper has been writing “slash” since she was a teenager and did not understand much about biology, but she’s learned a lot since then! Writing philosophy: Cooper is a paci ... read more
Latest book: Parker's Sanctuary
Visit my Facebook Page Andreas Beernt
Andreas Beernt grew up in Amsterdam, tended bar and traveled the world. Andreas is a lover of cats. As for children, he only likes his own! After working as a publisher, he “settled down” to be a writer. After meeting Arielle, Andreas found his wanderlust again and is now “unsettled.” Arielle Hart grew up in New York City and settled in Brooklyn as an adult. She is a master of all trades, having had jobs from bicycle messengering and street vendor and cabinet maker. She loves to travel, is a lover of cats and children, especially her own. Arielle has written since childhood yet didn’t take the plunge until meeting Andreas, who has opened a whole new sexy world to her.
Latest book: E-Camerone 1
Visit my Facebook Page Nikhil Bhardwaj
Nikhil Bhardwaj is an India based electrical engineer, a student guide and an author targeting sci-fi fiction and humour. He also has been an unpaid college events and birthday photographer, unpaid photo editor of not- much famous people's not-much famous photos. He has received a few distinctions- majorly academic excellence award for 2 successive years in college and a laptop (that he used to write all this) under an appreciation scheme, again for academics. After attending a workshop in IIT-Gn, he realized to start working on writing a juvenile fiction novel. At the age of 18, he started shaping the characters and an outline which managed to produce a draft in the name of CODE, before his 19th birthday and g ... read more
Latest book: 11 Tips to Kick Start Your Preparation
Visit my Facebook Page Sherrie Lowe
I have been writing seriously since 1995/6 when I became ill with ME/CFS and had to resign from my job as learning support assistant in a mainstream high school. I had always had an idea I wanted to write a memoir since losing my mother to breast cancer two days before my 13th birthday, such a traumatic experience which has never left me but it felt cathartic to write about it. Just before I became ill I was divorced and had two sons aged 14 and 11 so it was quite a difficult time bringing children up alone whilst being ill but we managed the three of us and now I am a nana too and it is wonderful. Writing has kept me sane through the isolation brought on by illness, so much time is spent alone. My normal life ... read more
Latest book: Angel Breaths
Visit my Facebook Page Eric Mrozek
Eric Mrozek is the author of the Maereath series of novels and an ardent pop culture junkie who currently resides in Michigan. When he is not busy plotting out his next story, he can typically be found in the great outdoors, at a microbrewery, or shouting about whatever catches his fancy on his soulless corporate website:
Latest book: Revolution
Visit my Facebook Page George S. Naas
George S. Naas is a long-time Colorado resident who owns Golden Publishing Company and writes in a variety of genres. He’s an ancient history buff and a romantic at heart. When he’s not writing or working, he enjoys bowling and cross-fit. He lives in Lakewood with his wife Dana.
Latest book: Invasion of the Lesbian Zombies
Visit my Facebook Page Mary Houck
About the Author: Mary Houck also wrote The Circle of Poetry from a Mother and Son, which was published in 2010. A single mother of three children, she lives in Washington, D.C. She has written and directed several screenplays, and has a job in a faith-based after-school program, where she continues to direct and write screenplays. Her mission is to reach as many young women as possible to help them understand their worth and develop a healthy self-image. The author is currently earning an associate degree in computer information.
Latest book: A Friend's Rage For Revenge
Visit my Facebook Page JD Stanley
Magic is just science we don’t understand. Sometimes, we forget every mysterious thing was considered magic before we learned the truth. These natural properties of the earth, the universe, time and space continue to fascinate us, too. And the quest into the greatest mystery of all, the shared human condition, is one we’re compelled to continue. Because we know it’s where we’ll one day learn the truth of our own existence. JD Stanley is a Book Excellence Award winning historical and speculative fantasy author of Blood Runner and The Seer. A Bardic Druid and member of the OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids), JD honed voice and audio editing chops in the late 80s as a radio announcer and studio eng ... read more
Latest book: Blood Runner
Visit my Facebook Page Nancy Drew - Author
All the Masters of Highclere series of novels are written under the pseudonym name Nancy Drew. With the last name of Drew and then given the nickname “Nancy” as a recruit in the Royal Australian Navy. Nancy grew up in a small country town in Central Queensland, Australia. With not much to do, it gave Nancy plenty of time to create a fantasy world full of hot men and wild romances. Now living in Sydney, Australia when she's not writing, she can be found with a nice glass of wine and spends her time with soon to be husband and three children. As the author of the Masters of Highclere series, Nancy loves romance and how it can be found in the strangest places. She truly believes in happily ever after. Connec ... read more
Latest book: A Sailors Daughter
Visit my Facebook Page Lilja Caden
Everything you would ever want to know about me can be learned from the erotica I write...
Latest book: Our First Time
Visit my Facebook Page Johanna Boscarello
Johanna is a single Mom of two daughters. She loves Jesus, her girls, and her family. When Johanna is not loving on her girls and other single moms, she serves full-time on the support staff team in the worship department at Grace Church in the Greater Cleveland area. In her free time, she enjoys watching a sunset, reading a good book, or exploring the Cleveland Metroparks with her girls.
Latest book: Five Truths for Single Moms: Finding the Silver Lining in Every Season of Single Motherhood.
Visit my Facebook Page Yousif Fathi
Yousif Fathi is an Egyptian, twenty-one years old dental student who was born and raised in Kuwait, a former waterpolo player of Qadsia SC and a waterpolo coach, The Truth of Islam is his first book, a short novel talking about the life of a normal Muslim, also how is he dealing with the other people and there are intentions to continue that book in the near future, a second part is taken from the same series, Islam in a Very Few Words, a short book talking about Islam, Muslims and everything you need to know about that religion.
Latest book: Islam in a Very Few Words
Visit my Facebook Page C.A. Worley
C.A. Worley is the alter-ego of Romance Author Cass Alexander. Where Cass tends to focus on humor in her publications, C.A. loves to write fantasy. She chose to write under the two different monikers so as to not confuse (or tick off) her readers. C.A. currently resides in the Midwest, but was born and raised in the South. She spends her days working from home and her evenings are spent shuttling her kids to and fro. Her dinners are subpar, but she makes a mean dessert. When she's tired of living her sons' travel sports schedules, C.A. enjoys a glass (or four) of wine. She needs the liquid courage to click the publish button for her fantasy romance novels. Her motto is, "Be Brave," and she tries to live it e ... read more
Latest book: The Wolf King's Bride
Visit my Facebook Page C.J. English
C.J. is an Amazon kindle bestselling author across several genres. She lives Fargo, ND with her husband and their two dogs (a Goldendoodle, Kona and a rescue Pit Bull, Bella) along with the couple’s three kids. She spends her days speaking about plant based diets, writing books, rescuing dogs and… drinking wine.
Latest book: Rescue Matters
Visit my Facebook Page AAUW Thousand Oaks, California Branch, Inc
Thousand Oaks, CA part of AAUW & AAUW CA.We promote equity for women and girls by breaking barriers through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.
Latest book: Profiles of Women Past & Present - Babe Didrikson Zaharias All-American Champion Athlete (1914 – 1956)
Visit my Facebook Page Amaka Umoke
I am Amaka Umoke, a young Nigerian graduate of Political Science. Nothing gives me satisfaction in life more than reading people's fictional works and writing a few of my own. I started writing when I was much younger, at a time when animals were my only characters and then I developed a more active imagination and decided to use humans instead, I mean, humans are more exciting, right? I have three more works coming up; Changed, Blood On A White Dress and The Big Break.
Latest book: Changed
Visit my Facebook Page Caroline Karedo
Caroline Karedo a souvent pris la plume pour écrire. Elle signe néanmoins, avec l'Auberge des Rêves, son premier roman publié. Si sa curiosité pour de nombreux sujets l'a poussé à étudier et explorer en autodidacte des domaines aussi différents que l'histoire des religions, la mythologie, l'économie, la psychologie, la physique quantique ou encore les possibilités de la conscience, son amour et sa fascination pour la nature et les plantes l'ont dirigés vers l'exercice de la naturopathie et de la kinésiologie. Chroniqueuse au Bise'Art Magazine, en accès libre sur facebook, vous pouvez également découvrir une fiction humoristique co-écrite avec la complicité de Béatrice Gomez : Geek et Bug a ... read more
Latest book: L'Auberge des Reves
Visit my Facebook Page HM's book
The Gods envy us. They envy us because we're mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed.
Latest book: Best tips to become a professional Trader - How to turn $300 into $50,000 in one year trading Cryptocurrency
Visit my Facebook Page Patrick Khayler
Patrick Khayler is the pen name for a closet erotic romance writer who burst onto the publishing stage in 2016. He writes with passion in every word, thus immersing readers in characters they understand and relate to, people they may already be like or may want to become. Within the pages of his stories, readers are transported to a world of fantasy and fulfillment, a time they don’t want to end and a place they never want to leave. He understands that human dreams and desires dictate how far his characters want to go, how close to the edge they dare risk, and the consequences of going over the brink. Patrick lives in Texas with his wife of many years and two sons. When he’s not writing, he enjoys travel, s ... read more
Latest book: Domina
Visit my Facebook Page Percy Tucker
Born in the small mining town of Benoni, South Africa in 1928, Percy Tucker has devoted his life to nurturing and furthering the live arts and entertainment in his native South Africa and, in so doing, has forged mutually productive relationships with creative artists and managements across Europe, Britain and the USA. The breadth of Percy’s interests, ranging from his first love – the theatre – through classical music in all its forms to ballet, modern dance, popular music, variety and spectacle, saw him become an integral figure in the show business industry in his country as advisor, councillor, mentor, organizer, impresario and innovator. Internationally, he is known, above all, for the founding of ... read more
Latest book: Just The Ticket! Part Three - Milestones
Visit my Facebook Page Laurie L Glass
Laurie Glass has had several articles and poems published in the past. Laurie has a chronic illness which has taken her out of writing for quite some time. But as she started going through menopause on top of already being ill, and felt beyond miserable, she decided to use humor to cope. She put a few things together in hopes that it will help other women going through this challenging time of life.
Latest book: Menopause - I'm SO Over It